Safe Boating Tip # 08 – Safe Loading

Safe Boating Tip # 08 – Safe Loading

Safe Loading and Powering 6 – Questions:

1. What information can be found on a capacity plate?

2. How do you safely load a small boat?

3. Name some tips for safely boarding a small boat?


1. Maximum engine horsepower, maximum weight of people, gear, and engine, maximum number of persons

2. Distribute weight of gear and people evenly, keep weigh low, especially heavy objects, secure heavy objects from shifting, and don’t exceed capacity limits

3. Operator boards first and helps passengers in, step into the center of the boat, stay low, load gear from the dock after boarding, and stay seated once you are moving


Safe Boating Tip # 08 - Weight NG

This is not good!

Safe Boating Tip # 08  - Weight OK

This is good!

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