Safe Boating Tip # 07 – Boarder Crossing Basics

Safe Boating Tip # 07 – Boarder Crossing Basics

Border Crossing Information to Canada & US


Entering the United States– Page 1 Phone-In Reporting form I-68 or a NEXUS/FAST 800-827-285

CBP Videophone Inspection – Dunkirk, Erie Basin Marina, North Tonawanda, Youngstown, Wilson, Olcott, Point Breeze, Rochester, Sodus Point, Oswego, Sackets Harbor, Clayton, Alexandria Bay, Morristown, Ogdensburg and Waddington

Entering Canada– Page 6  as a NEXUS Participant 866-996-3987

Entering Canada as a Non-NEXUS Participant 888-226-7277

Check out the following 9 page PDF which contains:

You may want to print the complete PDF file


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