Safe Boating Tip # 11 – Float Plan

Safe Boating Tip # 11 – Float Plan

Safe Boating Tip # 11  - Float Plan Paper

Preparation For Getting Underway 7 – Questions:

1. Why should you file a float plan before leaving on a boat trip?

2. What should passengers know before a boat trip begins?

3. Why should you practice good preventative maintenance on your vessel?

4. What are some safety practices when hitching a boat trailer to your car?

5. When trailering your boat, what are some of the pre-launch preparations that can be made before approaching the launch ramp?


1. To insure that someone will contact help should you become overdue

2. How to put on a life jacket, where the VDS, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher are located, how to use the radio to summon help

3. To reduce the likelihood of having problems or an emergency while out on the water

4. The ball and hitch should be the same size, hitch the safety chain in an X pattern, check lights, and brakes if so equipped, check tire pressure and that the bearings have been greased

5. Load gear into the boat, insert the drain plug, remove the tie downs, but not the attachment to the bow, and run through a pre-trip checklist


Safe Boating Tip # 04  - iPhone SOS App

With today’s technology the paper float plan is almost obsolete, there are smart phone apps for Float Plans or you can simply use your email as follows:

Sample Float Plan

  1. You can a set up a reusable draft email ahead of time with the following sample float plan details
  1. When you’re ready for your boat trip you can open the draft email, edit the float plan variables and Send the email
  1. When you return from your trip, open the email to yourself and click Reply to All and type “I’m back at LYC” and click Send=================================================================================

Sample Float Plan Email

Send To

Enter the email address of yourself, friends, family or anyone else you would like to receive your float plan


Personal Details

Boat MMSI #: none (Maritime Mobile Service Identity)

Boat Name/Registration #: FGB42900L405

Boat Year/Make/Size: Chaparral 22foot Boat Color/Details: White/Burgundy

Name: John Graves

Cell Number: 716-754-8797


File Float Plan

Starting Location: LaSalle Yacht Club

Leaving Time/Date: 05-18-2013 09:00 AM

Returning Time/Date: 05-18-2013 03:00 PM

Passengers/Trip Details: John Graves & Pat Rufrano, Niagara River & Erie Canal

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