Safe Boating Tip # 10 – Fueling and Ventilation

Safe Boating Tip # 10 – Fueling and Ventilation
Your objective is to prevent this

Safe Boating Tip # 10 - Burning boat

Fueling and ventilation 5 – Questions:

1. At the fuel dock, list several safe fueling practices?

2. Why should you keep the nozzle of the fill hose in contact with the tank or fill opening?

3. After fueling, explain several safety practices.

4. How long should the blower run before starting the engine?


1. Try to fuel during daylight, moor the boat securely, have all passengers leave the boat, stop all electrical devices that might cause a sparks, fill portable tanks from the dock

2. To keep static electricity from building up and causing a spark which could cause an explosion

3. Wipe up any spills, open any hatches, ports, or windows, run the mechanical blower for at least 4 minutes, use your nose to sniff for vapors

4. At least 4 minutes

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