Safe Boating Tip # 06 – BoatUS, Avoiding Spring Safety Snafus

Safe Boating Tip # 06 – BoatUS, Avoiding Spring Safety Snafus

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Avoiding Spring Safety Snafus – Checking off these 10 things before getting out on the water could make your day
Of course, these 10 spring snafus only scratch the surface of what you need to do — and what can go wrong — when it’s time to launch your boat after a long winter layup. Batteries need to be charged, electrical connections need to be checked, engines need to be tuned, hoses need to be inspected, fittings need to be re-caulked, and so on.

Before you even begin ripping off that shrink-wrap, check out the Spring Launch Safety Checklist in the April issue of BoatUS Magazine; stop by to download your own checklist, and while you’re there, watch the video, “Spring Launch Safety Checklist.”

Put that information to good use, avoid these 10 safety glitches as you prep for that initial launch, and you should be in for a great season of boating — ASAP

Your Spring Fitting-Out Checklist – Read full Checklist

Your Spring Fitting-Out Checklist – Download PDF Checklist

Courtesy of BoatUS – Boat Owners Association of The United States

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