Marina Rules

Attention Slip Holder

Anyone interested in a boat slip for 2013 must complete an Application for Boat Slippage and/or Storage form and email it to me at or fill one out and drop it off at LYC into the Slip book at the Chart room bar.Reminder: Request forms need to be in to me by February 1. If you have not done this yet you can email me at and I can email them a slip request.

Slip assignments are announced by Feb 28.


Note: All Application for Boat Slippage and/or Storage documents are in Adobe Acrobat® Format.

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat/PDF Reader, you can download then install the Reader here:


Option 1

Application for Boat Slippage and/or Storage – a fillable PDF form and email to

Click on Attachment: LYC_ Slip_or_Storage-Contact_Form-0401 (2).pdf

Option 2

Application for Boat Slippage and/or Storage – suitable for downloading, printing, filling out and LYC drop-off

Click on following link or copy URL into your browser

Option 3

At LYC ask for an Application for Boat Slippage and/or Storage form, fill it out and put into the Slip book at the Chart room bar.

Any questions?  Email me at

Boat & Trailer Storage Rules

If you are storing your boat on a trailer in the LYC boat yard, you must put your name on the tongue of the trailer and Give LYC a key to any locks preventing the trailer from being moved as boats on trailers may be stored in the center of the boat yard as space allows.

You can give key to a Bar tender or Put it in the Membership mail box inside, to the left of the front door.

Attention Slip Holders.

Please keep in mind for LaSalle Yacht Clubs insurance regulations, I must have a copy of your vessels insurance, and federal documentation or registration before it is launched in the spring.

Now would be a good time to get moving on it as NO BOATS OR WATERCRAFT WILL BE ALLOWED to be docked at LaSalle Yacht Club without this documentation.
Let’s not have any delays on your boat going in as we are looking forward to an early spring launch.

Thank you to all the people that sent them in already.

I can be emailed at, faxed at (716) 283-8221 or you can put the documentation in the Slip Book in the Chart Room bar.

I can be reached at 716-535-7936 and I will be happy to answer any questions you have about rates, slips, storage or anything else pertaining to the marina, travel lift or boatyard.

From the Fleet Captain – Boat owners who have stored in the boat yard for the winter are responsible for cleaning up their areas and keeping everything neat in their storage area.

Items that look like garbage will be tossed if they look like they do not belong to a boat site.

Also, if you have a trailer stored in the yard you MUST have a tag with your name on the trailer.