Technical Notes

Technical Information

Having Problems Displaying Images in Email?


If you get: This message contains blocked images.

Click Show Images



Click Gear (top right)

Click Mail Options

Under Spam Protection

Show images in emails: Always, except in Spam folder

Click Save button



Click Options button (top right)

Click Settings

Click General tab (top left)


In Reading section:

Uncheck Hide images in mail from unknown senders

Uncheck Disable links in mail from unknown senders

Scroll down

Click Save Settings button

Click Back to Mail (top left)

Click the gear icon in the upper right

Click Settings

In the External content section:
Check Always display external content (such as images) sent by trusted senders

Scroll down
Click Save Changes


Attachments, pictures and links in this message have been blocked for your safety message in yellow block.

Click Always show content from

We’ve added this sender to your safe list. That way you can always see what they’ve sent you.

Click Options (top right)

Click More options…

Under Preventing junk email:

Click Filters and reporting

Under Block content from unknown senders:

Check Show attachments, pictures, and links for senders with good reputations

Click Save button


06/25/13 Firefox/Adobe
Problem: Open a pdf in Firefox, it wants to save the file.

Remedy: In Firefox, Tools, Options, choose Applications tab.

Left (Content Type) column, choose Portable Document Format (pdf).

Right column (Action) choose Preview in Firefox instead of Save theFile. I am using Firefox 21.0.